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Train your communication

Strengthen your skills

Resolve your conflicts

Would you like to take your German to the next level?
Train your communication and improve your German language skills.
Do you want a constructive and productive cooperation instead of feeling misunderstood or helpless?
Strengthen your communication skills.
Do you wish for a daily routine without unresolved disagreements and conflicts?
Resolve your conflicts and gain new opportunities.
Recognizing, addressing and dealing with possible or already existing hurdles has the potential to create valuable new ideas. To make use of the opportunities offered by cultural and individual diversity, intercultural, communicative and language skills are by no means just a nice-to-have qualification, but an important prerequisite. I would be happy to support you in promoting this process. In order to prepare a suitable offer tailored to your needs and to get to know each other, I recommend a free and non-binding first interview.


German Language Training

Intercultural Awareness and Communication

Resolving Conflicts through Mediation

Goal-oriented Coaching for Individuals and Teams

My Methodical Approach

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concrete & systematized
competent & meaningful

German Language Training

Before starting your training, I will conduct a short personal interview with you to find out your current language skills, in order to be able to offer tailor-made lessons. My language training takes place in German from the very beginning. The progression is based on the communicative approach of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Depending on your needs and desired goals, I focus on reading, understanding, speaking or writing. Many practical exercises and simulations, possibly even teaching units in “real” life encourage you to really use the language. Also units on topics such as meetings, presentations, correspondence etc. can be specially adapted to your personal work environment.

Intercultural Communication

In my consultations and training sessions, I place great importance to respectful interaction and a positive and constructive working atmosphere. I find it important to to sharpen the awareness of my participants of intercultural encounters in order to be able to act confidently and culturally sensitively in an international environment. And in order to convey and experience exactly this in an authentic and practical way, my trainings consist mainly of interactive units. Participants are encouraged to self-reflective exercises and simulations. With the help of case studies, real situations are included and analysed. Moderated discussions and theoretical background knowledge round off my training. In this way, effective handling strategies are developed that can be successfully used in everyday life, both at work and in private life.


Tranquillity, confidentiality and an appreciative approach to all conflicting parties are in my view the basis for successful mediation. Neutrality and impartiality on my part are taken for granted. Together with you, I work on a conflict resolution in order to achieve at best a lasting solution thanks to a win-win situation. I will not act in an advisory capacity, but will guide you through the process in accordance with the current mediation law by giving structure to the process. You will work on your concerns in a self-determined and self-responsible manner.

Your conflict partner does not want mediation? Then try conflict coaching alone and find a way to turn a stressful situation into a more pleasant one for you.


My coaching offers you a protected and confidential environment in which you can concentrate on your current topics, aims and questions. I support you during this process with goal-oriented question techniques, impulses and methods that encourage you to self-reflect. In this way, we work together to find individual, suitable solutions for you and to advance you in your development.

In team coaching, we systematically develop strategies that offer your team a solid basis for an independent and constructive conflict culture. In this way, you add value by optimising your cooperation in the long term and benefitting from the diverse individual potentials within your team.


Master of Arts (M.A.) in Art History, Sociology and Social Psychology (TU Dresden & Ruhr University Bochum)
Certified teacher for German as a foreign language (International House Teacher Training, Freiburg) & licensed examiner for the examinations telc German A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 and Nursing/Medicine (telc gGmbH)
Qualified and certified trainer and coach for intercultural competences (artop – Institute at the Humboldt University Berlin) & certification for intercultural training in the health sector (IKUD Göttingen)
Trained and certified mediator according to § 5 II MediationsG & systemic team coach (SK KompetenzEntwicklung in cooperation with the Euro Akademie Berlin)

About me

I have been experiencing new social and cultural contexts for 25 years. Since my studies I have been working in and with international and diverse teams. Stations of my life were 6 cities, 4 countries, 3 continents. I grew up in Bremen, for my studies I first moved to Dresden, then to the Ruhr area. There I also gained my first professional experience. From there, for professional reasons, I went to Zurich, Amman, San Francisco and after six years abroad back to Germany, to Berlin.

In 2017 I decided to switch from part-time self-employment to full-time self-employment. This allows me to perfectly combine my interests and skills. Since I first started teaching German in 2007, I have noticed how important it is to me to work with people, to offer new chances and perspectives by taking new steps.

I have experienced myself how learning a new language definitely opens up a new world, but “only” linguistically. Communicatively, so much more takes place on many different levels, verbally, but also non-verbally and in various nuances. In order to close this gap, it was helpful for me to look back at my university subjects sociology and social psychology with a focus on social interaction and communication. Even in art history, my focus was already on perception theories and psychological aspects. My further training courses to become an intercultural trainer, coach and mediator have thus shown me ways to combine my personal experiences with the knowledge I need to use this combination in a meaningful way.

Therefore I am pleased to be able to offer you qualified and professional support.


Curious? Then get in touch with me – either using the form or directly by e-mail or phone. I look forward to your questions.

Appointments can be arranged online, by phone or in person in my or your office.

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